Kohnke Aussie Sport - 4kg


Formulated for the ‘True Blue’ Aussie Sport Horse

Aussie Sport™ helps make up the shortfalls of essential nutrients to correct low micro-nutrient levels in diets based on grains, chaff, hay and pasture to help ensure optimum health, vitality, performance and recovery from training and competition.

Aussie Sport™ is an innovative Supplet® pellet blend which eliminates sift-out, dust, sludging, blow away from paddock feeders and nutrient inter-action in the feed.

Aussie Sport™ contains extra organic selenium, iron, Vitamin A and Vitamin E to help meet the increased demands of training and competition, as well as bone minerals to help correct low feed levels.  Only salt or a salt mix may be required relative to exercise and sweat loss.

Concentrated Bone Mineral, Trace-Mineral and Vitamin Supplement for Sport Horses.