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Hi Form Top Line

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A natural way to achieve top line. Hi Form TopLine contains amino acids including L-Arginine which has a role in promoting the growth hormone and is involved the immune response. TopLine is excellent for horses with poor appetite or in a rundown condition.

TopLine DOES NOT contain whey powder which is used in almost all muscle building products for humans and horses. Whey protein is the protein that is derived from whey which is a by-product of the cheese made from cow's milk! Horses are hervivores whey may be acceptable for humans but not for horses.

Human studies published in November 2011 stated "Whey" protein may affect glucose metabolism and muscle protein synthesis. However the evidence for a clinical efficacy is not strong enought to make final recommendations with respect to a specific dose and the duration of supplementation.

TopLine actually stimulates the growth hormone in a natural way; however other supporting amino acids herbs specific B-Group vitamins and trace elements work extremely powerfully in a synergistic way. TopLine does not contain FISH products or other by-products which are totally unsuitable for herbivores.

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Hi Form Top Line

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