Hi Form Oxydane Pellets


Next Generation BreedPlus Nutritional Pellets are 100% Natural, 100% science backed and contain No nasty additives, they are also economical to use and highly palatable.

Next Generation Oxydane Nutritional Pellets has extremely powerful antioxidant effects and assists with phase 1 and 2 detox.

This formula assists in oxygenating the blood, aids the prevention of oxidative stress and boosts the level of carnosine in the muscles, resulting in a greater ability to buffer lactic acid during training.

Oxidative stress is a major cause of cell death. This formula may reduce the risk of Super Oxide Radicals damage.

Next Generation Oxydane Nutritional Pellets also help to restore and maintain a healthy digestive system, a healthy balance of intestinal flora and the healthy barrier function of the gut's mucosa. Aids digestive conditions, such as ulcers, colic and diarrhea.

Next Generation Oxydane Nutritional Pellets forms a part of your horses daily diet and is low in NSC and Starch. This product can be fed as a standalone feed particularly for overweight horses

Dose rate: 200g daily