Supporting the Brand:

·        To endorse the Equilibrium Products range by promoting the company’s message and philosophy of putting the well being of the horse first – digitally and personally.

·        Keep Equilibrium Products up to date with current achievements, plans and events (either by phone, email or tagging on social media).

·        To share Equilibrium Products news and product news on your social media channels and/or website where appropriate.


·        To provide feedback on products used or new product concepts/improvements.

·        To be quoted on the use of Equilibrium Products for marketing purposes.

·        To help awareness of the products by promotion via your social media channels and/or website, as well as in person at events, at clinics or demos.

·        To allow Equilibrium Products to use images and video of you and your horses using Equilibrium Products for marketing purposes (permission will always be asked first).

In Return:

·        We will provide you with merchandise – which can be topped up at our discretion.

·        We can provide exposure to our followers on social media and email database for your social media channels, website, achievements and events.

·        Equilibrium Products will share any news or achievements, or blogs on their website and/or social media channels where appropriate.

·        There is no set term to the agreement and either party can terminate the relationship at any time

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